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    來源:http://www.wuyinlpjm.cn/ 日期:2021-10-16 發布人:hengxin


    (1) High precision manufacturing quality
    In order to stably process the high-precision part surface, more stringent requirements are put forward for the manufacturing of tools (including tool parts) in terms of accuracy, surface roughness and geometric tolerance than ordinary tools, especially indexable tools. In order to ensure the repeated accuracy of the size of the blade tip (cutting edge) after rotation, the size and accuracy of key parts such as tool body, groove and positioning parts The surface roughness must be strictly guaranteed. At the same time, in order to facilitate the tool setting and dimension measurement of the tool in the tool setting instrument, the machining accuracy of the base surface should also be guaranteed.
    (2) Optimization of tool structure
    The advanced tool structure can greatly improve the cutting efficiency. For example, the structure of high-speed steel NC milling tools has mostly adopted the wave edge and large spiral angle structure, while the cemented carbide indexable tools adopt the internal cooling, blade vertical installation, module replaceable and adjustable structure, while the internal cooling structure is not applicable to ordinary machine tools.
    (3) Wide application of cutting tools and high quality materials
    In order to prolong the tool life and improve the tool strength, the tool body materials of many NC tools are made of high-strength alloy steel and heat treated (such as nitriding and other surface treatment), so that they can be suitable for large cutting parameters, and the tool life can be significantly improved (ordinary tools generally use medium carbon steel after quenching and tempering treatment). In the cutting edge materials, CNC cutting tools use more new brands of cemented carbide (fine particles or ultra-fine particles) and superhard cutting tool materials.
    (4) Reasonable selection of chip breaking groove
    The cutting tools used in NC machine tools have strict requirements for chip breaking groove. During machining, if the cutting tool keeps chipping, the machine tool cannot work normally (some NC machine tools and cutting are carried out in a closed state). Therefore, whether NC lathe, milling, drilling or boring machine, the blade is optimized with a reasonable chip breaking groove type for different machining materials and processes, so that chip breaking can be stable during cutting.
    (5) Coating treatment of tool (blade) surface
    The emergence and development of tool (blade) surface coating technology is mainly due to the emergence and development of NC tools. Because coating can significantly improve tool hardness, reduce friction, improve cutting efficiency and service life, coating technology is adopted in most of all kinds of cemented carbide indexable NC tools. The coated cemented carbide blade can also carry out dry cutting, which also creates favorable conditions for protecting the environment and realizing green cutting.
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