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    來源:http://www.wuyinlpjm.cn/ 日期:2021-10-03 發布人:hengxin

    The indexable blade u drill adopts the special central blade of anti entry technology, which can make the drill smoothly enter the manual parts, maintain excellent cutting force balance, increase the feed rate by 100%, and reduce the processing cost of each hole by half.
    ★ 刀片
    ★ central blade
    ★ new chip removal technology
    ★ indexable blade
    Drilling is the most common process in metal cutting, but it may also be the most difficult process. Well controlled cutting technology and safe chip removal are indispensable conditions to prevent the drilling process from becoming a bottleneck. The center blade with unique structure and the peripheral blade using (polishing blade) technology can double the feed rate, high surface quality and holes with small tolerance. The use of a new generation of u drill makes the cost half!
    均衡的切削力對于鉆削性能和結果有著非常積極的影響:它能提高穿透率,延長刀具壽命,縮小孔公差以及改善表面質量。 造一把能鉆一個或幾個孔徑的完美平衡鉆頭或許并不難,但要讓一把鉆頭具備寬廣的直徑調整范圍,并能在此范圍內鉆出每一個規定直徑的孔,就需要先進的技法。這就要求在加工時刀片和周邊刀片必須徑向移動,以在每種孔徑的加工過程中都實現均衡的切削作用。
    Balanced cutting force has a very positive impact on drilling performance and results: it can improve penetration rate, prolong tool life, reduce hole tolerance and improve surface quality. It may not be difficult to build a perfectly balanced drill bit that can drill one or several holes, but it is necessary to make a drill head have a wide diameter adjustment range and drill holes of each specified diameter within this range This requires that the central blade and peripheral blade must move radially during machining, so as to achieve balanced cutting effect in the machining process of each aperture.