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    來源:http://www.wuyinlpjm.cn/ 日期:2021-09-09 發布人:hengxin

    1)汽車行業 汽車行業的加工特點一是大批量、流水線生產,二是加工條件相對比較固定。為了優化生產,提高質量和效率,汽車行業對刀具的加工效率和使用壽命提出了非??量痰囊?。同時,由于采用流水線作業,為了避免因換刀導致整條生產線的停機、造成巨大的經濟損失,所以通常采用強制性的統一換刀的方式。這對刀具質量的穩定性也提出了的高要求。

    1) The processing characteristics of the automobile industry are mass production and assembly line production, and the processing conditions are relatively fixed. In order to optimize production and improve quality and efficiency, the automotive industry puts forward very strict requirements for the machining efficiency and service life of cutting tools. At the same time, due to the use of assembly line operation, in order to avoid the shutdown of the whole production line and huge economic losses caused by tool change, the mandatory unified tool change method is usually adopted. This also puts forward unique high requirements for the stability of tool quality.
    2)航空航天行業 航空航天業的加工特點一是加工精度要求高,二是材料難加工。該行業所加工的零部件材料大多為韌性和強度都非常高的高溫合金和鎳鈦合金(如INCONEL718等)。
    2) Aerospace industry the processing characteristics of aerospace industry are high processing accuracy and difficult material processing. Most of the parts processed in this industry are superalloys and nitinol alloys with very high toughness and strength (such as Inconel718).
    3)大型渦輪機、汽輪機、發電機及柴油機生產企業 這些企業所要加工的零件大多體積龐大、價值昂貴,在加工時,保證被加工零件的精度和少出廢品是至關重要的,所以在這些行業里經常采用進口刀具。
    3) Large turbine, steam turbine, generator and diesel engine manufacturers. Most of the parts to be processed by these enterprises are huge and expensive. During processing, it is very important to ensure the accuracy of the processed parts and reduce waste products. Therefore, imported cutting tools are often used in these industries.
    4)使用數控機床較多的企業 俗話說“好馬配好鞍”,為了提高加工效率和產品質量,充分發揮數控機床的使用效率,往往采用進口刀具更易達到預期的效果。
    4) In order to improve the processing efficiency and product quality and give full play to the use efficiency of CNC machine tools, it is easier to achieve the expected effect by using imported cutting tools.
    5)外資企業 在這些企業中,往往更注重生產效率和質量的保證。除此之外,還有很多其它行業,如模具行業、軍工企業等應用數控刀具也都十分普遍。
    5) Among these enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises often pay more attention to the guarantee of production efficiency and quality. In addition, there are many other industries, such as mold industry, military enterprises and so on.
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