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    來源:http://www.wuyinlpjm.cn/ 日期:2021-09-29 發布人:hengxin


    There are different angles on the imported tap, such as front angle, rear angle, guide angle, edge angle, etc. these angles are designed according to the characteristics of different materials. For example, for steel and cast iron, because the steel chip is relatively long, the rake angle of steel wire tapping is designed to be slightly larger, while the iron chip of cast iron is generally a chip, and the rake angle is relatively small, even 0 °. The tool company will give different recommended imported taps for different workpiece materials, which are used for tapping common materials such as steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron and stainless steel. They can also be distinguished by rings of different colors on the handle.
    Attention should be paid to the recycling of imported tap
    1. Restore the cutting parameters of the imported tap; Cutting parameters are very important. Different parameters should be selected for different types of tapping, different processing conditions and different workpiece materials. For high-speed steel and cemented carbide silk attack, the offline speed of attack under the same conditions varies greatly. There is a certain speed range. The linear speed of high-speed steel wire is generally 20 m / min (from feed to Stadium). Too fast or too slow will lead to development failure. Selecting appropriate cutting parameters can ensure production efficiency and achieve higher service life.
    2. Cooling and lubrication of imported tap after recovery; Cooling and lubrication are important because the tapping process involves cutting and removing chips that produce a lot of heat in a very narrow space. For ductile materials, the concentration of coolant can be increased or oily coolant can be used.